Let's Feast

Let's Feast


Up to 12 people

-         Homemade paté

-         Sourdough cob loaf filled with homemade spinach dip

-         Homemade assorted dips (minimum of three, including sundried tomato and capsicum, tzatziki, hummus)

-         Homemade lavosh crackers

-         Crackers

-         Assorted cheeses(minimum of three, including triple brie, aged cheddar, swiss cheese)

-         A selection of fruit (berries, dried figs, apricots) and nuts

-         Veggie sticks(including carrots, cucumber)

-         Small selection of sweets (including chocolate pretzels, macarons)

-         Selection of charcuterie meats (including prosciutto, salami, cheese and jalapeno kabana)